Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thanks for thinking of Boomer

Thanks all for your thoughts on Boomer. I've just been sad about it all day. My mom is waiting to hear back from the vet regarding his care.

The thing that really throws a wrench in all of this is that we are going on a family vacation in several weeks and the family that usually comes to my mom's house to care for Boomer is also going to be out of town. There is no way that he can handle a kennel right now, so it's one of the reasons we're talking to the vet.

It's amazing how many people have known him - but I guess when you're around for over 13 years, that is what happens. Katie got to meet/know him when she came to my house several times freshman year - I even have a picture of the 2 of them together. (I'm sure she'd be thrilled if I posted that, right K?) Vivian lived down the street from me and probably always saw us walking him or watching us chase him all over the freaking neighborhood. (Um yeah, he ran away a lot.) Heather always called him "Mr. Velvet-Ears" b/c his ears are so soft. And even Bracken always saw his picture on my shelf at work next to my human babies.

It's amazing the effect an animal can have on your life. Even if they aren't one of those dogs like Lassie that saved your life. When I think of him, I'll always remember the funny things he did and how much he made us laugh.

As for a dog for us, Jason told me once not too long after his dog, Casey, died, that that was one of the main reasons he didn't want to get a dog. Dogs are great, but they also come with lots of fur and the fact that you have to be home to take care of them. But even so, the hardest part about having a dog is losing them and he doesn't want to go through that again. I totally understand that now.


Christine said...

Erika- I'm so sorry to hear about Boomer. You're right- it is amazing how much a part of the family our pets become. I've never met Boomer, but I feel like I have from your stories. Don't worry about Caroline- I really don't think she's old enough to "get" the finality of it....she'll miss him, but I think she'll adjust OK. How tough that you've had to go through this on both sides so recently!

Katie said...

Puh-lease don't publish that photo.
I can still remember it in my mind and that is enough. ;-)

Poor Boomer. We're thinking of you guys!

Anonymous said...

I do remember Boomer running the street a lot.............

~ Viv

Erika said...

Yeah, he has some pretty good escape stories. My favorite of which was when he got off the deck when my brother was home by himself. He didn't have his collar on and my brother had no clue he was gone. So here I come driving home from my summer job and see this yellow lab at the end of my street in someone's yard. I drove up slowly and yelled, "BOOMER!" (Not 100% sure it was him) and he perked up and jumped in my car.

And once my dad chased him for 20 minutes around some stranger's pool very early on a Saturday morning.