Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Telling It Like It Is

There's something I realized I'll miss as my kids get older - their inability to keep their bad behavior a secret from me. When I got home on Monday, I asked Caroline if she had been a good girl at Cathy's and she told me yes but then, she relayed a story of how she ran away from Cathy when getting out of the van and how she had kicked Bryce.

So while she still thought she was a good girl overall, it's funny to me how easily she'll confess her wrongdoings of the day even though she knows they were things she shouldn't have done. There's just something about the brutal and innocent honesty in little kids that I just love. Granted, sometimes it comes out in the form of telling me I have bad breath or describing what her last trip to do #2 was like, but most of the time it's the honest stream of consciousness that I know I won't always have.

I know I'll miss the insight into their little minds as they get older and start to withhold things from me - as all kids do at some point. I just hope that we can continue to have an open, honest, and supportive relationship where they will share their thoughts, fears and joys with me. Even if it does mean telling mommy she needs to brush her teeth.

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