Thursday, July 19, 2007

Shower Fun

Caroline has really been into showers lately - ever since my mom told her that when I was her age, I was already giving myself a shower. So she often asks and depending on the time and our moods, we'll give in. But tonight, as soon as she asked, Bryce ran into our bathroom and had his shorts off before I realized it. (This kid is getting really good at taking off his clothes!) He was already tugging at his diaper by the time I got in there to supervise.

However, the last time the two of them took a shower together in our master bath shower, Bryce screamed everytime I closed the door. (It's a stand up shower with fogged glass.) But this time, Caroline said, "Mommy, I will teach him to laugh in the shower." And darned if she didn't do it. Before I knew it, they were in there SCREACHING and dancing - having a grand time.

Neither kid gave me trouble about shampooing or washing - although Caroline did think it was quite funny to pee in the shower while Bryce was sitting on the floor of the shower. Um, ew. So I scrubbed them up well and they each got out of the shower happily too.

Of course my favorite part of the shower tonight was Caroline having Bryce recite body parts - he'll repeat anything she tells him to if he's in the right mood. I guess it says something about our belief in using correct anatomical terms for body parts that she rattles off the words "penis" and "vulva" as nonchalantly as she was in trying to get him to repeat "ear" and "elbow."

I gotta say, if showers are always like this, I'll opt for this over the tedious bath any day. Plus, I love seeing them dance around in there together, so it adds a bit of entertainment to my evening. I give this showering experience 3.5 stars - it lost a 1/2 star for the bit of drippy mess around my bathroom afterward.


jason said...

I vote for shower over bath any day!

Christine said...

You definitely seem to have a much lower stress level when it comes to showers! Too bad you really can't get video of that cute time.

Anonymous said...

Kenzie loves showers! We have a 5 foot soaker tub so bathtime was always as HUGE hassel asnd dangerous so we got Kenzie in the shower very early on (with an adult at first) Just like Caroline, she dance around and loves to jump in the water puddles on the shower floor! It's great! And now we can't wait for Tori to join her!

~ Viv

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