Tuesday, July 03, 2007

She Does The Dirty Work

At first she did it without our prompting and now we use her interest to our advantage. Caroline has become our "Bryce Poo Alert System." We have this problem with Bryce who often has terrible gas that we can't tell if it's a diaper we need to change or just that the air needs to clear. Enter Caroline. When she thinks she smells something foul, she goes right to the source - Bryce's diaper padded bum. And she'll clearly alert us whether "It's okay, he's still fresh." or "BRYCE POOPED!!!!"

I guess by the time she gets there and it's gas the air space around him has cleared and she can tell the difference. I can tell you, I appreciate her attention on this matter - too bad she doesn't change diapers.

1 comment:

bracken said...

Okay so that just made me laugh because I can just see her doing that!!