Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pure Bliss is Coming for my Children

In the form of a PLAYGROUND courtesy of the VERY generous Nana and Big Dad!!! My MIL ordered it last night and it will be delivered in the next 2-3 weeks. Oh, I am so excited. And I don't plan on telling the kids until it's either here or it's about to be assembled. I'm thinking maybe waiting until assembly time though as to avoid the constant question of when Daddy will build it.

Without further adieu, here she is:

OMG, they are going to FLIP. A slide! A climbing wall! A fort! A little hideout underneath! SWINGS! I see endless hours of entertainment. I see mommy and daddy getting to relax while they watch their kids play. I see playdates with other kids frolicking together and maybe even getting to have a semi-attentive conversation with another mom. Ah yes, the possibilities are endless with this little slice of heaven in our backyard.

Thanks again Sandy and Tom! We are just thrilled!


Anonymous said...

My In-laws are building something like this for the girls at their house (since a townhouse backyard has no room for fun stuff like this!) and I cannot wait until it's done - Kenzie is gonna love it!

I know your kids are gonna love it too!

~ Viv

bracken said...

Wow,that is an awesome playset. They are going to love it!!! Our friends built one in their backyard and Sydney had a blast. My parents have one but unfortunately, I feel that put it in a bad location in their yard -- it is under a lot of trees so it is always so covered in dirt, etc. Sydney still likes to play with it but she won't slide down the slide because it is dirty....what a princess!

Katie said...

Holy smokes! When can we come and play?

Amy said...

Holy cow...that's awesome!!!

Dawn said...

That's amazing, Erika -- C and B are going to have SO much fun together! Yay for fantastic grandparents! :-)