Monday, July 23, 2007

Over 500 pages in....

Well, I'm over 500 pages in now. I probably would be closer to finishing, but we had my IL's and SIL and her husband over for the afternoon and dinner yesterday, so I was cooking and hanging out rather than devouring the book. It's quite good actually - which I'm pretty relieved about because on Friday I read a review of it in The Baltimore Sun which was less than stellar. I won't even link to the review there b/c it makes me mad. I totally disagree with her on many points and think she is just some sub-par fan that really just wanted to get in on the hype of Harry Potter. Blech. Thankfully, in her review she didn't give away any real spoilers - so I have to give her credit for that - but she made it sound like the book was not that enjoyable.

So far, I've found it to be really suspenseful and full of life. It's not the typical Harry Potter formula but it really couldn't be since so much is happening. While I can't wait to find out what's going to happen (I've been VERY good and haven't even looked at the final chapter or epilogue), I know I'll also be sad when I'm done.

And finally, I'll say this as it seems many of my blog readers have not read any of the HP books. They are NOT what you think they are. I remember reading/hearing the HP fanfare back in 2000 before HP4 came out and wondering what the big deal was. It's just about some wizard, right? So because I was bored one day, I picked up someone elses copy of HP1 and started reading. I barely put it down. Jason was the same way - he had absolutely NO interest in reading them - thought the hype was ridiculous - thought it was a bunch of geeks getting into some weird sci-fi type book. Or maybe just a children's story. He finally picked it up on a day home sick from work - he read it in one day (the first two books are shorter!). And while HP 1 is not nearly as complex as the other books in the series - it's a starting point. Harry is 11 years old in the first book and he is 17 in HP7. The books mature as Harry does.

And while these books can be read by children - probably by an 8 year old or more - some of the themes and overall storylines can be appreciated by all ages. I'm amazed at some of the parallels JK Rowling draws out in her stories to life in the real world. The age old good vs. evil gets a new twist in this book and in many ways has you thinking about your own life and the choices you've made. And not only that, the characters she has brought to life are amazing and completely realistic - even with their abilities to perform magic. So seriously, if you're looking for something to read take a chance and read HP1. If you like it, you won't have to suffer like the rest of us since all 7 books can be readily gotten one after the other now. And if you don't - at least you'll have some idea what millions of people are talking about when they use terms like "quidditch" or "muggles."

P.S. Don't judge a book by it's movie - they'll never be able to make the films as captivating as the books.


Christine said...

OK- wouldja finish already so we can hear about the kiddoes??? JK- I love HP too and think you described the series very well. I felt the same way before I started reading and couldn't put the books down. Unfortunately, I just can't find time to pick them back up (or get interrupted with "mommy" calls when I do). I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying it, though- I am looking forward to catching up someday!

Anonymous said...

Maybe when I get some free time............. LOL!
~ Viv