Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Note on my my wedding gown...

You know it's funny that two of you have said that you have had your gown preserved b/c I'd always planned on doing that, but never got around to it. (Seven years later, can you say procrastination??) Anyway, my mom who just adored the photos, told me now that she was glad I'd never had it preserved like that. And you know what? I'm really glad too. I guess I don't have very high hopes that my daughter would ever wear my gown - if she's like me, she'll want her own or at least the fun of shopping for one - but to me, this is a way of getting some "use" out of it.

Now I would like to get it cleaned and maybe store it in one of those acid-free boxes with acid-free tissue paper, but now that I've seen how great the results can be with something like this, I'll never want to "lock it up." Not that I'll ever let her play dress up in it (she asked to get down off the stool shortly after and said she wanted to play out the scene where Elastagirl marries Mr. Incredible), but I think special occassions like this make it worth it.

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