Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My Little Tourist

Caroline has been able to fully dress herself for a while now, but when you ask her to do it, she always cries that she can't. This morning thoroughly fed up with her for many reasons, she told me the same thing. So I picked up the clothes I'd picked up for her and just threw them on the floor of her room and told her I was going to dry my hair. I had very low expectations that she might actually do it herself, but maybe that's because I didn't want to disapoint myself. Much to my surprise, she burst into the bathroom in this little get up. (Notice the shorts on backwards and the socks and sandals.) I overly-congratulated her on the feat and told her how proud I was with lots of hugs and kisses. Then, I very nicely asked her if she was okay with her shorts like that and wearing socks - she said she was, so that is how she looked at Target and the playground. Maybe the tourist look is all the rage for the 3/4 year old set???