Sunday, July 08, 2007

Mommy the Lifeguard

We decided to spend the day yesterday (well, the part of the day that was left after naptime) down at the beach club with Jay's entire family. I'd promised Caroline we'd do that soon since in the past we've just gone down for an hour or two and she's always wanted to stay longer.

We took plenty of food and got down around 3:30pm. Caroline, Bryce and I swam with Kelly, Jesse and Lydia and enjoyed the cool water on an increasingly hot day. Caroline was showing us how much more bold she is in the water with lots of going under and jumping into the pool without anyone catching her - this pool doesn't allow swimmies so we always had to pull her to the surface and then to where she could reach. At adult swim time, we took a break to go and start getting dinner ready. Big Dad manned the grill and we had a nice dinner. We all shared hamburgers, hotdogs and various salads and Caroline asked her her traditional "hamburger with only cheese." But after taking one bite, she said she didn't like it and didn't eat anymore. (She hadn't napped and was getting grumpy.) Then, since it was adult swim again, they played on the playground for a half hour until they could get back in the big pool.

I thought I noticed that it looked like she had something in her mouth when she was on the playground, but didn't really think too much of it. Then when we got back in the pool, it was very obvious, something was in her mouth. Kelly said it looked like it was brown (ew, I know) and then I realized what it was. It was that single bite of hamburger that she had taken OVER 45 minutes before. Jason was bringing Bryce up to the pool and I told Caroline she needed to swallow it or spit it out. She ended up spitting that brown hamburger goo into Jason's welcoming hand. I could not believe that she held that in her mouth for that long, while playing, b/c she was so opposed to eating it. But I guess that's a 3 year old for you.

So we started swimming again and by 7pm, it became obvious that it was time to get ready to go home. I gave Caroline a 5 minute warning and when that was up, we all started getting out of the pool. Kelly had Bryce and I thought Caroline was following me - or at least it looked like she was following me up the steps. Wrong. Before I knew it, she was on the opposite side of the pool running to the 3 foot marker (just beyond where she can reach). Of course, as a former lifeguard, I had been reminding her to walk since it always bugged the crap out of me when parents ignored their kids at the pool. But then I realized she was going to jump into the pool even though there was no one there watching her and pulling her to the surface since she couldn't reach. SPLASH! She came up part of the way, but couldn't reach. I waited a second to see if she might be able to push herself right to where she could reach about a foot or so away, but no. So, I dropped my towel and jumped in and grabbed her. (I'm sure the lifeguard was glad he didn't have to get out of his chair for this one.) Judging by the look on her face, I could tell that this kind of shook her up a little bit. She probably had a second or so of panic when she realized that she couldn't make it up to get air by herself. Let's hope this taught her a lesson about not jumping unless someone is there to help her.

Guess I haven't lost my lifeguard touch. :)

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bracken said...

Okay, so I think my stomach would have dropped if I had watched Sydney do that. However, it was probably good to give Caroline a little scare so maybe she won't do it again. We went to the pool yesterday as well and Sydney, for the first time, would swim with her vest on by herself. She always hangs onto us but she actually let go and would kick on her own. I was very impressed.