Monday, July 30, 2007

First Tattoos

I remember in 1992 when fake/temporary tattoos were all the rage and getting my first ones at the beach. My sister and I thought we were the COOLEST and tried to pretend they were real.

Well, flash forward 15 years and Caroline and Bryce have gotten in on it. Jay and I thought it would be funny for our 3 and almost 2 year to sport a few tats this week. Caroline has some flashy dolphins on her bicep and forearm while Bryce has some masculine hearts on his bicep.

Caroline was thrilled and kept showing everyone - especially her cousin Phil and his girlfriend who have some very REAL tattoos to show them. Of course mommy and daddy each have one too, so we're hardly anti-tattoo. But they'll have to wait until the age of consent before they'll be getting any on their little bodies. At that point, it will be their decision.

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Christine said...

Yay on the inK!!! Do we get pics? Anya loves having FIL create all kinds of art on her belly! Hope you're resting up and enjoying your vaca!!!!