Monday, July 23, 2007


Whew! All 750+ pages. I am wiped! I feel like I've just been through the battle too. All in all, it was an amazing final book in the series. I liked that it wasn't the traditional "Potter format" and I liked the history you learn about so many of the characters. I was even crying at the end - despite my effort not too. And aside from shedding some tears at the end (I'm not disclosing whether they were tears of sorrow or joy since Jay is just starting it) I felt kind of down after finishing. I mean, that's it. You read like hell to get through it because you're dying to know what happens but at the same time you don't want it to be over.

But I've had that experience with so many a good read. You just get so absorbed in that world that when it's over, it's like a let down that you have to snap back to reality. At least JK Rowling gave a very conclusive ending - one that tied up so many loose ends. It answered so many questions and in true JKR style, leaving those key points until the very last chapters.

So now I wait until Jay is done so that we can discuss it.

I can't wait for Caroline and Bryce to get into them in about 7 or 8 years! I'll read them all again with them!


Christine said...

Yay Erika!!!! I remember that feeling of sadness when I would finish a series of books that I loved. There's one good thing about still having 2.5 books ahead of me!!! What a good hubby Jay is to let you have first dibs!

bracken said...

That was definitely quick! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.