Friday, July 20, 2007

A few updates...

Update #1: A few days ago I asked what everyone did for your digital photos to back them up. Jay and I talked about it and Mr. Techie bought us 50 GB external hard drive which has our entire hard drive backed up.

Granted, that does nothing if we had some kind of terrible catastrophe to the house, but I will continue to burn photos to CD/DVDs (well, once we have a working DVD writing drive again...) and keeping them in our uber safe place. I've also am going to continue having some photos printed via Winkflash or something - mainly b/c the kids LOVE to look at them and b/c it's nice to have some in your hand sometimes.

Update #2: Guess what arrived today? THE PLAYGROUND!!!!! Of course it's in 6 very large boxes and not yet assembled, but Jason says that the wonderful smell of cedar is wafting through our house. He said there are pictures of it all over the boxes, so I'm going to take them down in the basement when I get home to show them the big surprise. We won't be assembling it until we return from the beach in a few weeks, but I'm sure that Jason , my dad, my FIL and maybe my BIL will be helping to erect this amazing child playland.

We took the kids on a walk last night and I remarked on how nice some people's playgrounds in their backyards were. Caroline did too, so I told her that maybe she should wish on a star about it. I can't wait to see her little face!!!


bracken said...

You better have your camera out because my guess is that the kids (especially Caroline) will be priceless when they see the boxes/picture.

Anonymous said...

Ok so where do you keep your burned discs?

~ V

Erika said...

She wasn't that excited - I mean she expressed happiness about it but then she was more interested in the other stuff we had in the basement (old toys). She did say how "wonderful" the basement smelled thanks to the cedar it's made of, but that's kind of it. I think she's saving the real excitement for when it's being assembled b/c then it will be real to her.

jason said...

To make a correction, the drive I purchased is 500 GB not 50.

To Vivian, we keep the discs that we currently have burned in a fireproof box.