Monday, July 16, 2007

Digital Photo Backup?

So a question for you all out there:

How do you back up your digital photo/videos?

I'm curious b/c Jay and I have been been burning them to CD/DVD ROMs and keeping them in an extremely safe place. However, I read recently that CD/DVD ROMs aren't as long lasting as we'd like to think and have the potential to just go bad w/o warning.

I know there are online services which obviously cost money to save your precious memories on, but I was wondering how everyone else does it. We lost all our photos from February 2003 through October 2003 due to our slacking in burning them to a CD when our slave drive had a mechanical failure and ruined the actual hard drive - this drive held all our photos and over 1200 MP3's and I don't want to have that scenario again. Fortunately that happened right before Caroline was born and we learned our lesson the hard way w/o ever having to lose a photo of our child. But, we did lose all the pictures of our house being built and any random photos of me pregnant with Caroline.

So share with me what you do! Jay talked about buying an external hard drive too. I don't know. Maybe an online pay service isn't such a terrible idea.


Anonymous said...

We burn CDs every month but Jay just bought an external harddrive for his parents since they are very behind in the technology area (they can barley get their pics off the camera!). Sorry I'm not much more help, but I think I'mm gonna ask Jay about an external backup for us too (I couldn't bear to lose my pics of the girls!)

~ V

Krissy said...

I too have been doing backups on CDs. Funny thing though, I believe the life expectancy is like what, 10 years? And we have some approaching that (actually video files) and NO issue whatsoever.

Also, because Target has required us to put them online, and then order them, I do have them stored on Kodak's photoshare site. I haven't looked to see if there is a max size, but maybe that's a temporary fix??? Good luck!

Christine said...

Good thoughts- I also thought CD's/DVD's would last longer. I always burn them to a CD before I delete them from the camera, but I'm going to look into an external drive or wait to hear about your research on these hosting sites!