Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Difficult Bath/Bedtime for Bryce

In the past few weeks, we've noticed that bath and bedtime have become "scream time" for Bryce and the biggest reason is that he's started wanting to decide what happens when. First of all, he doesn't want to get into the tub until he's mounted and dismounted both the toilet and potty chair about 3 times each. And then he has to climb into the tub by himself and of course, he doesn't do it in a very safe fashion. So once he's in, he won't sit down because, of course, he wants to get back out again. He did that tonight, slipped around on the floor, laughed hysterically, and then fell and started screaming.

Then he's in the tub and I pour water over his head because he has refused to lay down for about 6 months now and he screams through that. Finally, he forgets he's mad about being in the tub and starts to play while I get him washed up. Then, when it's time to get out, he does NOT want to get out and tries violently to get back in. He's even managed it a few nights. One night he was still naked, the other night, he was fully clothed. (Let's just say, I had to go down on the treadmill and run the frustration I was feeling off after that evening.)

Once you get him dried off, dressing him becomes a struggle b/c all he does is scream and roll around. Eventually he gives in and lets you dress him, but then comes the fight with the Zyrtec and toothbrushing. All of which he wants to do HIMSELF. I'm sure you're seeing the theme here. And then, finally, it's bedtime. He's hugged and kissed the other parent and given Ca-line a hug and kiss too, but he's certainly not ready for sleep. Even after a book and some offered cuddles - he is not ready. So we plop him in his crib and he screams and he tries to get out. (So far no dice on that attempt.) And he screams until he realizes his little tantrum is getting him no where. At least the past few nights it's been less than 5 minutes, so maybe he's learning?

Ah yes, this is the beginning of the twos. I won't call them "terrible" anymore since I'm immersed in the threes, but I think that Bryce's twos will be a bit different than Caroline's twos - as everything with the two of them has always been completely different.


Christine said...

Oh dear- you've got your work cut out for you! Baz is starting to fight me, mostly on diaper changes so far but nothing too bad yet. At least you're getting it out of the way? Hopefully he goes back to easygoing Brycie soon!

Dawn said...

OMG -- this could be my house EXACTLY. We go through precisely the same routine with Sienna, every single night. We end up so frustrated by the time we get done with the whole bath/books/bed routine (and the screaming baby doesn't usually help matters!). I hope it doesn't last too long!