Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Caroline's Behavior Chart

After having to deal with some really difficult behavior by Caroline a few weeks ago, we had to institute a new positive reinforcement behavior chart. Basically, she had to earn points to get some little rewards. I already had a few Target Dollar bin 'Go Diego Go!' prizes at the start and since I have resorted to stickers and small pieces of chocolate. And you know what, it's HELPED!

Cathy, my daycare provider, even remarked to me in an email last week that Caroline's behavior had improved 100% since coming back from her vacation. Her biggest issue there had been not staying on her mat at naptime and now, even if she doesn't sleep, she stays on her mat the entire time because she knows that she'll get a reward if she comes home with a good report from Cathy.

Included in her staying on her mat, she also needs to get dressed (with help) without problems and she needs to follow directions from Mommy, Daddy and Cathy. That's not saying we haven't had a few times where points haven't been given, but on a morning like today, when she wouldn't get out of bed, I reminded her about not getting any chocolate today and she got out of bed and didn't give me any problems.

So like so many other things we've done with her, I'll suffice it to say that this is working for NOW and while I'd hope it will work tomorrow and for a while, I know that pre-school aged children are fickle are likely to completely change what does work for them in a blink of an eye. Thank goodness I seem to have a never ending supply of small pieces of chocolate at work that I can bring home to her!


Anonymous said...

I may have to grab some ideas from you as we move forward with Sydney! She has a lot of trouble following directions -- when she doesn't want to. Which is the key. She can be an angel but only when she wants to be.

Christine said...

Yay Caroline!!!! If it works, stick with it.