Friday, July 20, 2007

The Baby Store

This evening, the kids took a shower in their bathroom (just a regular tub w/ shower) and they had a great time, although I had to watch them very closely since the tub doesn't have the easy grip surface that my shower does and the rubber mat doesn't cover the entire floor of the tub.

Still, they found other ways to amuse themselves in between hair washing and soaping up. At the end of the shower, Bryce was laying on the floor and Caroline got down next to him and said, "Bryce, let's pretend we're babies in the baby store."

"Mommy, you pretend you're coming shopping at the baby store and you buy us."

So I pretended to reenter the bathroom and turned off the shower while the two of them laid there wiggling around making baby sounds and giggling. Jason was watching too and we each got a towel and remarked how much we'd like to buy these particular babies. Each baby got out of the tub smiling and laughing. I think I liked that trip to the baby store.

And for the record, Caroline knows babies don't come from the baby store, so I'm not sure where she got that idea. I think she was looking for a reason to pretend she was a baby again and use silly sounds to communicate. Just the same, it was pretty cute.

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Krissy said...

How adorable! It's posts like these where I'm really looking forward to having #2. And that Caroline has such a great imagination!