Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another day...

Ugh. And here we are. My family's first day without Boomer. I know I haven't lived at my parents' home since June 2000, but it's still weird knowing he's not there. I feel worst for my dad - who I'm sure had a very hard time this morning knowing he didn't have to go and take Boomer out for the first time in over 13 years. Boomer really was "man's best friend" when it came to my dad. My dad never stopped trying to teach Boomer new tricks and was convinced he would someday be able to send him out for the paper without worrying that he'd run away. Somedays he'd do fine and other days my dad would end up chasing him down the street in his pajamas. Pretty funny if you got to see that.

But in the end, Boomer brought my family together. I spoke to both my brother and sister last night and of course, to both of my parents too. Kind of nice to have talked to all 4 of them in one evening - rarity these days when we're all so busy.

So with that, I'm going to put my Boomer posts to rest here in my blog and move on. He was such a happy dog, I know he didn't like it when any of us were sad. That and I can't take starting to cry everytime someone comes into my office today and can tell that something just isn't right about me.

I'll leave you with just a few more pictures - ones that I love most of all because they include my babies. The first one is of Caroline at almost 1 year old with her buddy, the next two are of Caroline when she was 20 months old. You can see how much she loved him and how easy going he was. The last one is of Boomer and Bryce on Sunday. Bryce was just starting to really like Boomer - I'm sure Bryce would have enjoyed wrestling with him, much like his Uncle Kevin always did.

At least you know that I won't be putting any memorial to him on the back window of my minivan. I hate that.

And by the way, I do know of some very happy news right now. I just have to wait for the "clearance" to share it! (It definitely cheered me up!)


Christine said...

Erika- this is your blog...if you want/need to "talk" about Boomer, then you should! I love the pics of him and the kids- and you from before you were a FMM!!!! I hope this day passes quickly. C'mon- that's not fair about the news...who could be preggo....NOT ME, that's for sure!

Erin said...

Is someone preggo or did someone (cough, Katie, cough) have their baby!?!?!?