Wednesday, July 04, 2007

And the home.....of the......kid scared of fireworks...

Caroline summoned me upstairs last night waaaaaay after her bedtime because she said she couldn't go to sleep because of the fireworks she kept hearing. I'd been hearing them too, so I know she wasn't making it up. And I can't say I'm that surprised since she's always been a bit afraid of them. So we figured the best way to get her to go sleep was to let her have her CD player with some quiet music playing. She was thrilled since she hasn't had it in her room since sometime last fall because we found that it was distracting and was inviting middle of the night play.

The music worked like a charm and she quickly fell asleep. But, at around 5am this morning, that CD player must have been calling to her because she was back to her old DJ tricks. I think just the knowledge of the fact that it was in her room again made it difficult for her to sleep because she was in there changing CDs and pressing all the buttons. Jason was up already because he had a 6am golf tee time and promptly told her to go back to bed. She was quiet, but she told me she didn't go back to sleep. Neither did mommy - so you can probably guess, I'm a bit grumpy on this day that is America's birthday.

So we've permanently removed the CD player from her room again and plan to move Bryce's white noise machine to her room tonight in an attempt to get this child to sleep thorugh the fireworks and maybe not hear Jason when he wakes up so early in the morning.

Damn fireworks - I guess it will still be a few years before we all go to see them as a family.

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