Saturday, July 14, 2007

All Knowing Bryce

It seems all of a sudden, Bryce knows everything we're talking about. For example this morning, I said to Jay that he needed a hair cut and to which Bryce chimes in, "Finn!"

You see, Finn, is a boy at daycare who just got a really short haircut this week. We're realizing we really can't talk about stuff anymore without Bryce being involved in the conversation. He's really interacting.

And then the other night I was talking to Jason about Boomer (Caroline was in another room) and Bryce says, "Boomer. Sick. (Makes barfing sound) MESS!" This was him recalling what happened a week ago when he was over at my mom's house and Boomer barfed in front of them. I'm telling you, he doesn't miss anything anymore, much like his ever attentive sister.

Finally, on this Saturday, I'll leave you with this picture which I just love. It's how most of our weekend mornings start. Jay reading the paper and Bryce having to be up in his lap with him constantly saying things like "Daddy. Paper." or "Daddy. Hot coffee."

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