Thursday, July 05, 2007

Afraid of the Dark

Caroline started crying in her room last night at 12:45am and when I went in, she was sitting there crying. I hate to admit it, but in my sleep stupor, I was more irritated at the sudden awakening than I was concerned. (It was a whiny cry and not a scared one, for the record.) I asked her what was wrong and I finally got it out between whines that she was afraid of the dark.

She has a night light in her room that is bright enough to make it easy to move around in her room w/o knocking into anything, but maybe not bright enough for a 3.5 year old. However, I did wonder if this wasn't a ploy to maniuplate me since the first thing she said would make it better was to have the CD player back in her room. (Um, NO!) She also then said she wanted to sleep in my bed - again, no. I told her that neither of those solutions were possible and asked her more about what was bothering her.

She went into some story about a black and brown monster that lived in a hole in our neighbor's yard with spiders. I'm not sure where she thought of this since we are careful about what she watches on tv/movies and what books she reads. I told her that there was no such thing as monsters and that they were in her imagination. But if she wanted, I could give her some monster spray to make her feel safer. So I found a spray bottle, filled it with water and put a drop of this fragrance oil in it. Instant monster spray! I squirted her and her bed and she settled down. I also told her that imaginary monsters were scared of love and because she had so much love in her heart that it would always protect her.

Amazingly enough, she settled back down and went to sleep. Of course, mommy was a bit of a grouchy monster this morning due to the awakening. I'm thinking maybe this weekend of taking her to Ikea and letting her pick out one of those cool little lights they have. I'm going to talk more to her about it this evening too. I don't know why, but I'm not completely sold on the fact that she was scared since the first thing she asked for was that damn CD player and the way she acted was not how she gets when she's been scared of something in the past. We shall see....

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bracken said...

She is a smart kid! She really likes that CD player!