Thursday, June 14, 2007

Too Many Friends

Caroline just came down the steps saying she couldn't sleep. (Yes, I know it's 9:30pm - this is a common occurance with our little night owl who has been in bed since a little after 8pm.) I told her to go back to her room and get in bed.

"No mommy, I can't sleep."

"Why can't you sleep?"

"I have too many friends in my bed."

What???? Too many friends? (Caroline has always referred to her stuffed animals as friends.) Usually it's the other way around - she doesn't have enough friends in bed with her and she's always missing someone and we find random non-friend items in her bed upon wakeup.

So with that, I went up and we sorted through her pile of about 20 stuff animals (not an exaggeration!) and left the ones that she really has a connection with. I also removed the 4 books in her bed that she obviously had planned on sleeping with too.

She's upstairs being quiet. Is it really that easy????


bracken said...

That is too funny. We haven't run into the problem of too many friends yet. You are lucky you can find Sydney in her bed because she has so many teddy bears, books, etc with her!

Dawn said...

So funny...the same thing happened in our house about a month ago! Madelyn told me there just wasn't enough room for her to sleep and she needed "more space." Besides, her friends kept waking her up, she said. LOL! (She's also telling me "don't you worry about that, Mommmy" all the time. Too bad they didn't get to spend more time together last week -- they sound like they'd get along great.