Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thank You Benedryl!

I was so itchy last night before bed, I just decided to suck it up and take the Benedryl and hope that I wouldn't be too groggy this morning. So I took two and hoped for the best. Thank goodness I did!! My bites were less swollen this morning and I wasn't even groggy! Whew! They're still a little itchy today - but they usually are in the morning so we'll see how it goes. I'm just hoping they look better by Saturday since we'll be taking the kids to baby Taki's 1st birthday party and they will want to go swimming in Gigi and Popou's (Jackie & Jim) pool. I don't need to look like I have some weird skin disease at a kid's birthday party.

1 comment:

bracken said...

How is your itching going? Getting any better?