Friday, June 08, 2007

Sesame Pandemonium

We took the kids to Sesame Place today for some summer fun and to meet up with my friends Christine and Dawn (and their little ones). Now, before I go further, I will tell you we had great day overall. The reason I tell you this is that you might think based on some of my description, we did not. But I was happy with the park itself - clean and lots of things to do - and all age appropriate. And I was beyond happy to see my friends - unfortunately when you add 7 kids - aged 3.5 down to 2 months - into the mix you get a bit of uncertainty and a lot of energy expended by all involved. And then you add the weather - good god, it was hot. 97 degrees. Ouch. I'd heard it was going to be hot today, but given it was barely 80 degrees all week, I had a hard time believing it. I should have listened to Norm the Weather Dick. Not that it would have changed our plans though...

We left our house around 7:30am, topped off the tank, got some ice and were on our way. My friend Christine was driving in from NYC and my friend Dawn and her family had driven in from Boston the night before. Christine decided to go to Dawn's hotel to meet up beforehand, but because Jay and I had to pee so badly we went right to the park to wait. Christine's parents, sister and niece met us at the gate and graciously shared one of their discount admission coupons (THANKS CHRISTINE!) So since it was growing hotter by the second, we decided to go ahead in and catch up with the rest of the crew when they arrived.

The park is made up of dry and wet rides, so we decided to see what we could get into on the dry side before lunch. We took turns riding a ride with the kids (balloons and teacups) and let them frolic in a few of the other activity places they had. And it grew hotter by the minute..... Caroline told us she was hungry (which really says something since she barely eats most days) and we headed out to the van to scarf down lunch that was happily sitting in our cooler waiting for us. Christine and Dawn were just arriving and we promised to meet up with them later. (Poor Dawn had a tough night with arriving late, her 19 month old not sleeping, and just general frustrations of traveling with 3 little girls.)

We scarfed down lunch as fast as could be, grabbed our suits and towels and changed. We found the first water activity possible - a giant water can that just sprinkles water.


We let the kids frolic for a while and I can't tell you how much better we felt getting the salty sweat washed off of us and lowering our body temperatures a few degrees. I have to add that the water shoes I'd picked up for the kids the day before were coming in quite handy - even though Bryce's were 2 sizes too big!

Thankfully, Christine and her kids were ready for swimming too, so we headed over the the craziness that was a wading pool with oodles of fountains. Caroline made instant friends with Anya (who is only a few weeks older than her) and Bryce showed us how brave he was running all over the place and even going under water. It was exhausting trying to keep my eye on both of them since there were SO many kids and there was never a time where they both wanted to go the same place. Christine and I kept getting Anya and Caroline mixed up since they were both wearing similar bathing suits, pink shoes, and had light brown (wet) hair.

The place really was a zoo - I guess the thing that gets me is how many kids were there and not being well supervised. Most kids that were my kids ages or younger were well supervised, but there were so many 6 year + kids that were just running around, practically diving and splashing with no one telling them to calm down. I know it's hot, but I guess when a park is so geared toward REALLY little kids, you'd think that people wouldn't be bringing older kids to the park and then letting them run willy nilly. Of course, I'm sure many of those unruly kids weren't even there with their parents and came with a school/daycare group who probably didn't have enough supervision or people who didn't care. And I know that because it was so hot, more people would be concentrated in the water rides, but seriously, they need to keep better tabs on behavior in the pool. My kids didn't seem to mind all the "excitement," but it made my time with them that much harder. Rant over....

We decided to try and meet up with Dawn, so we made our way down Sesame Street where the Anya, Caroline and Bryce all knocked on Sesame's front door and asked for Elmo. I think they were a little sad when no one came out.

But we kept on walking and splashed around in a few more pools and sprinklers before it was becoming apparent that both kids were coming close to hitting their expiration date. Caroline and I squeezed in a tube ride and then it was off to put on our clothes and say good bye to our friends. I feel bad that we all came so far to see one another and then barely got to talk/see one another because we were all busy wrangling kids (e.g. herding cats).

However, knowing how life is with 2 little kids, I should be used to the fact that visiting with friends is rarely a high quality experience anymore. But we got some pictures of us together before we left (Jay was too tired to pull the camera back out so I'm hoping Christine and Dawn will send me theirs!) And the ride home was uneventful. Uneventful if you mean both kids passing out for an hour and then the younger one waking up at the Deleware line and screaming his head off until we were a mile from home. Yeah, that was pretty sweet.


Katie said...

Even though it was hot, it sounds like fun! My sister Laura just took Kiely there last weekend. Maybe we'll try it next year.

P.S. The last time we came home from the beach, Emily woke up at the Delaware tolls and screamed the entire way home too. :-( Not fun.

Christine said...

Erika-I felt the exact same way- maybe next time we can make it a 2 day event (when the kids are older, of course) so we can have some hang out time as well as play time! It was great seeing you and the reindeer (Anya) loved playing with Violet...oh, I mean Caroline!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good trip! I was hoping to get Kenzie up there this summer but there is no way I'm taking a newborn, so maybe next year. But I've had some friends who have gone there and they told me it was an "overnight" thing to do since it was a little far away - what do you think?

~ Viv