Wednesday, June 13, 2007

RIP Josie and Mr. Wizard

My poor ILs had to have their golden retreiver, Josie, put to sleep yesterday. She wasn't even 8 years old yet. Poor dog had a tough life, health wise. She blew out the equivalent of her ACL 3 times - twice on one hind leg, once on the other and had to have major surgery to repair it. And then in the past few months, they've noticed she's been in pain again and limping badly. She could barely get up recently. The vet felt something that he thought may be cancerous and they had a schedule x-ray and biopsy yesterday. FIL told the vet that if it looked bad, to not even wake her up from the anesthesia. The vet didn't even need to do the biopsy - the x-ray showed an aggressive form of cancer and poor Josie never woke up. Caroline really liked "Jos" and we haven't told her yet but we plan to in the next couple of days before we go up there again.

And then I hear this morning that Mr. Wizard died. I LOVED Mr. Wizard as a kid on Nickelodeon and my dad watched him growing up in the 60's too. He said he'll always remember Mr. Wizard showing off this new fangled device called a microwave and my dad was amazed that it could cook a hot dog in 1 minute! Of course, Mr. Wizard seemed old to me then, but he was 89 when he died, so I guess he was in his early 60's when I watched him. I always loved his experiments and credit him for giving a lot of kids an interest in science.


Katie said...

Poor doggie!

Heather said...

I'm sad to hear about Josie.

I have a lot of memories of watching Mr. Wizard's World. RIP, Mr. Wizard. You were cool.

Christine said...

Aww, poor puppy....cancer just blows!!! Are your parents OK?