Saturday, June 23, 2007

Proud to Be Their Mom

We had such a wonderful day today - one that made Jay and I so proud and happy to be their parents.

The day started with a trip to the dentist for Jay, Caroline and I for our bi-annual checkups. Bryce stayed at my mom's so we wouldn't have to manage him. Last time, on her first visit, Caroline let the hygienist/dentist do her cleaning and checking, but sat in my lap the whole time. This time, she got up in the chair by herself and didn't flinch at all. I can't tell you how big I was smiling the entire time she was cooperating and being such a nice little girl. The hygienist told her she was one of the best young patients she's ever had.

After the dentist, we made a stop at Toys R Us to pick up little Taki's birthday gift and to my surprsie, Caroline didn't ask or whine for a single toy while we were there. Seriously, that was amazing. (Granted, I did buy them a Shark Attack Slip 'n Slide, but I don't think she really understands what it's for and wasn't that interested.)

After a quick lunch for the kids, we headed down to Gigi and Popou's house - otherwise known as Jackie and Jim - for little Taki's 1st birthday party. Both kids slept about 25 minutes on the trip, so I was a little worried about the lack of naps, particularly for Bryce. We brought our swimming gear and were ready for a day in the sun. The weather was amazing - about 80 degrees and very sunny and because both my sister, Chrissa, and brother, Kevin were there - Jason and I didn't have to get into the pool. Caroline stayed in the pool most of the day except for a brief time to come inside and chow down on 2 cupcakes and ice cream. (I think the swimming worked up an appetite.) Bryce was in and out - as expected - but made up for the fact that he couldn't have any of the egg-laden cupcakes or ice cream by eating half his weight in strawberries and "lope." (cantelope)

Then after getting dressed, Caroline played really nicely with Zoe - who is 8 months her senior and Bryce kind of walked around being friendly with everyone. We even got this GREAT shot of Bryce and Taki together:

It's amazing how light haired and blue eyed Taki is, since Zoe has such dark hair and dark eyes. It's also funny how much Bryce and Taki look alike and there were several occasions today when I saw Taki from behind and thought it was Bryce. I can already tell - those two are going to be trouble together in a few years. They both have a mischevious streak in them so it's a good thing they're both adorable!

We left without any fits or tantrums and the ride home was quiet with Bryce playing with his sunglasses the whole time and telling us he was cool. "Daddy! Cool!" Neither kid fell asleep and they each ate a quick snack and had a happy bath together where there was lots of hugging and kissing. They both even went to bed without a peep!

This was one for the record books and probably a day I'll always remember. Of course that doesn't mean I'm not tired.

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Kelly said...

What a wonderful day! : )