Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Treadmill Motivation

Some nights I'll do an aerobic workout and some nights I'll go down in the basement and walk on our treadmill. It's kind of cool to use the treadmill b/c I can watch TV while I walk. Most nights I end up watching something on either TLC or Discovery Health.

So is it so wrong that I get the most motivation when I'm walking (and walk faster and harder - and sometimes run) when I'm watching one of those gastric bypass shows?

I guess it's the fact that I feel so healthy compared to those individuals battling such extreme obesity and it makes my struggles with my weight not as dire. It also gives me that extra energy to walk a little longer and tell myself I'll NEVER get that heavy. And that I need to continue a healthy lifestyle to avoid ever having a weight issue like that.

Maybe all the gyms should start showing these types of shows on their closed circuit televisions for their aerobic workout machines. Maybe I'm onto something. Too bad I can't have a video of that in my kitchen on a loop so that I won't eat the things I'm not supposed to.

1 comment:

Katie said...

Have you been watching "Big Medicine"?

That's good you are working out. I can't wait to get back on track after the new baby. I love/need those exercise endorphins.