Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Baby Chimpanzee

I swear, I think my baby Bryce has turned into a baby chimp. This evening when I picked him up, he hugged me so tightly around the neck and wrapped his legs around me, I didn't think he'd ever let go. And he needed to let go b/c I was just starting dinner and had mushrooms sauteeing on the stove. Jason couldn't believe it either. And then later on, we were playing in the playroom and he's crawling all over me and hugging and hugging me. I threw him over my shoulder and had him by his ankles. So I look down and there he is with his head between my knees holding on TIGHT to my legs just looking up at me and laughing. Jason tells me not to drop him (duh!) and I just said, there was no way he was getting dropped - the kid has a chimpanzee grip.

I guess he just loves me and I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it too. I always snuggle him and say "mommy's baby" and he'll smile, look back at me and say "mommy baby." That's my boy!

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