Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More Naked Fun (the kids, people!)

My children have a new habit that both drives me crazy and makes me say "Awww!" when they're in the tub at night. Every time Caroline lays down in the tub, Bryce takes the opportunity to get on top of her and lay his head on her chest and they lay there and hug. Often she'll tickle him or she'll wiggle around saying "bucking bronco" and they both erupt into giggles. And tonight, she was even sitting up and Bryce got into her lap, gave her a hug, looked her right in the eyes and said, "Kiss Ca-line." So they kissed and I just about started crying right there.

And while I love seeing this affection and love for one another it drives me crazy at the same time. Bryce gets on top of her so much, she can't even sit up - not that she wants to, but I can't get her bath finished. And then they're so slippery, there have been a few near accidents in which a soapy, naked kid has almost hit his or her head on the soap holder or side of the tub.

Don't even get me started on how long bath time takes or how much water is slopped out of the tub.

Naked, slippery kids + Lots of hugging = danger, a wet bathroom, a wet mother, and a bedtime that keeps getting later and later!

So while I really do enjoy seeing their tub time antics and how much they are enjoying one another, sometimes prying the two of them apart long enough to get the sunscreen and dirt off of them is a task that takes way more energy than you'd ever think. No wonder on the nights I do the bathing I'm so tired....and wet.

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Christine said...

Awwww,so cute!!! I think there was some awful tub injury in your past(or in your dreams, maybe?).... you always sound so nervous about bathtime!