Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kid Conspiracy

I really do think they work together on this sometimes - it's like they plan it out so that one of them is always unhappy in the mornings. Like today, Bryce started the day screaming his head off in his crib for no apparent reason other then the fact that he is often Mr. Hyde in the morning. Caroline bops in singing and dancing and has happy as could be. She was wiggling around even trying to get Bryce to "be happy."

I know that he won't stop screaming while he's in his crib (trust me, I've tried to wait it out, but there's something about the crib that makes him unable to calm down) so I get him out and start doing his usual stuff - changing his diaper and getting him dressed. 9 times out of 10, he'll eventually stop fighting me along the way and be okay. He did stop fighting me this morning but he kept crying. So he had to sit on my lap for a few minutes before the tears stopped. Then we go into my bathroom so I could dry my hair. We're barely in there and Caroline starts whining and complaining about something. She won't go into her room by herself and get dressed and when we finally go in there together when I'm done blow drying, she gets all grumpy and won't get dressed.

I can't win. Finally, I got her moving again and she got dressed and we went downstairs and were on our way. Of course, they both had to have some "lipstick" (e.g. clear, flavored lipgloss) before we could go. It's become quite a habit. I have one upstairs called "Gingerbread Man" and they both call it "Gingie" like the gingerbread man from Shrek. Bryce now walks into my room saying, "Gingie, Mommy! Gingie!" And of course, Caroline has to have at least 3 applications of it since she eats it off her lips almost immeadiately.

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