Friday, June 22, 2007

It's Frideeeeeeeeeeee!

Whew - why has this week been so long? But at the same time, where did June go?? I swear, it was just Memorial Day! Today is the kid's last day at daycare for a week and a half since my DCP is on vacation through the 4th of July. So next week, we'll be bouncing them between grandparents/aunt for their daily care. So a little easier week for me since that means I don't have to run them to Cathy's every morning and the grandparents get extra kiddie time.

So I took another dose of Benedryl last night and my mosquito bites seem to be at the very end. I still have red dots everywhere on my legs, but the itching has just about died off. THANK GOODNESS. Of course, I still have this weird rash all over my stomach, chest and back. I guess I should go see the doctor, but I don't feel like going over there, paying the co-pay and just having him tell me it's viral. I guess if it's still there next week, I'll go. Other than that, I feel okay - tired, but that's not out of the ordinary for me.

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Kristine & Kermie said...

Hey there....I just wanted to throw out a thought on the mysterious rash. Have you ever had Fifth's Disease? Could be from the symptoms you describe. Not a big deal at all...but something to watch out for in case the kiddos catch it. And not anything the doctor will be able to do anything about....

I have been hearing about it a lot lately...that's the only reason why it sprung into my mind. Hope whatever it is goes away FAST!!!