Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Itch like a bitch

OMG, I am miserable. These damn mosquito bites that are ALL over the backs of my thighs are horrible. HORRIBLE. The slightest touch and they start itching LIKE MAD. I bought some calamine lotion last night - the good old fashioned pink stuff - and to my surprise, it is the stuff I've found works best. But, it doesn't last for long and it's messy b/c it has to dry. And did I mention, it's PINK???? And then to add to it, I've developed this weird rash all over my stomach and back. It's slightly raised and a little itchy. WTH?

I had Nurse Mom look at it this evening and she thinks I should see the doctor. Oh wait, tomorrow is Thursday - the day the office is closed. I'm seriously starting to think about changing our family doctor. I really like the guy we have - he's very thorough and believes in holistic care to his patients. I've also been able to get in touch with him when needed when the kids have been sick. He's also no problem to get referrals from and will give you samples of an rX if needed. But....if you want to get an appointment, it's not that easy. He's the only one in his practice and I think he has too many patients. My parents see him too - what can I say? We like Dr. Q. And then I worry about having to actually find another good doctor.

I better go, I've got some itching to do. Maybe I should duct tape some oven mitts on my hands like they did to Phoebe on Friends when she had the chicken pox.


Katie said...

Sorry!! Try taking a cold shower to chill the itch or put ice packs on the itchiest ones. That's all I can think to do.

Heather said...

I have the same issue with my doctor. I love her, but she is never freaking there!!

Kelly said...

Rebecca gave us a good tip. Use rubbing alcohol. That seemed to help Jesse.