Friday, June 15, 2007

Introducing the Kids to Classics

Last night when Jay and I were playing with the kids, for some reason he started humming the theme song to Fraggle Rock. Of course, then I started singing what lyrics I could remember (and clapping of course!). And that meant we just HAD to do a YouTube search to find it so we could hear/watch it in it's entirety. YouTube did not let us down and we sat and watched this 4 times:

The kids were totally into it and Bryce kept asking for Elmo (I guess he sees the Muppet resemblence) and Caroline asked us to play it again. That led us to play some themes to a few other great shows from our past.....Muppet Babies, Webster, He-Man, Jem, My Little Ponies, Duck Tails, The Smurfs, She-Ra, and a few others. (Jay was a bit upset that they didn't have the theme to Jabber Jaws though.) The kids were totally interested and wanted to watch more, but alas, bedtime was drawing near.

Jason even investigated the price of an entire season of Fraggle Rock and it was almost $40! Waaaay too much money if you ask me - I'm sure we can watch a few scenes on YouTube if we wanted.


Heather said...

Sometimes I find myself singing the theme song to Muppet Babies.

bracken said...

Talk about bringing back memories! I use to love that show. I will have to play this for Sydney tonight -- I am sure she will love it.

Amy said...

Chris got me Fraggle Rock for Christmas. I love him.