Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hairy No More

While I've made sure to de-mulletize Bryce over the course of his 21 months, I realized that the time was upon us to have his first professional hair cut. It was looking a bit shaggy and pretty unruly given that his hair isn't that thick and it's kind of frizzy. Caroline also needed a trim so we headed out to the illustrious local chain haircut factory. (I was off today because my DCP had asked some time ago to have the day off to attend her son's field trip.) This wasn't the usual place I take Caroline because I also wanted to hit up Target and since there just happens to be a haircut factory right next door, I figured, why should I go somewhere else and have to rebuckle them in and drive when I can do it all in one place.

Caroline hopped up into the chair without any problems and let the "haircutter" trim up her cute little bob and bangs. Bryce watched and kept remarking about "Ka-Ka" getting her hair cut. Then when it was his turn, I knew not to even attempt to sit him in the seat by himself and sat him on top of me wearing a smock. We tried to put one on him, but he wanted no parts of that. I managed to hold it over his shoulders and back for most of it so his fuzzy hair wouldn't be stuck to his clothes but he did see it about 3/4 of the way through and tried ripping it off.

But all in all, he did okay. I had to hold his face a few times and the "haircutter" had to get into some weird positions to get some of the hair, but she managed to clean him up pretty well.

And of course, both kids walked out with their reward of a lollipop - again demonstrating their differences - Bryce had his chewed up and swallowed before we even made it to the car while Caroline sucked on hers until it completely dissolved. At least Bryce doesn't have his long enough to even make a mess...

So here's the final little man, all cleaned up - except for the pudding on his shirt.



Caroline commented on the way home that she hopes we'll go back to the other haircut place since the one we visited today was rather stinky. I agreed with her since it did have an odd odor that didn't altogether smell like the usual perm solution. And to my amazement when we drove by the shopping center where said "other haircut place" is located, she pointed it out and told me that is where she wants to get her hair cut next time. Smartie pants!

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Heather said...

So cute! Does Bryce's hair naturally grow in a mullet shape?