Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Dirty Evening

The kids spent the day today at home with my SIL, Kelly and her husband Jesse - more commonly known as a couple as "Jelly." And once Jay and I got home, we played a little with them and then packed them up for a night at Big Dad and Nana's house, where they'll spend the day tomorrow.

So Jay and I took advantage of our free hands and hit the road. First stop, Toys R Us to return that piece of crap, Shark Bite Slip 'N Slide. (It might have been a little too advanced for the kids, but even so, it didn't work well and the slide was really too narrow. Not worth the $20 so TRU took it back!) Then we grabbed some food at Salsaritas and headed over to the wonderful world of Home Depot to pick up a few items. I got some new flowering plants for my front porch planters and a plant that the bees seem to like for my vegetable garden in hopes that it will attract them to my pumpkins and zucchini. Then we went and got our essentials at Sam's Club. You know - coffee beans, diapers, wipes, and bulk quanities of blueberries and romaine lettuce.

Once the car was unloaded, Jay took to unraveling and re-coiling his new hose while I pruned the hell out of these burning bushes that were planted by our builder and we want to get rid of. Then, sweating like crazy and covered in bug spray, I replanted my porch planters and then went out back to plant my bee attracting plant. And I'll be damned if a biting fly wasn't biting the crap out of my legs. I thought my DEET bugspray was supposed to repell them?!?!?!

Finally, after cleaning up, we came inside just as the sun was setting. It was still a muggy 86 degrees out. No wonder I was so sweaty and felt like I'd just had a good workout. Yardwork and gardening will definitely get your heart pumping.

So after a report that all is well at Nana's, I think I'm going to rinse this nasty bug spray and dirt off of me and snuggle down with Harry. No, not Hairy - aka Jason - but HARRY as in Harry Potter. Alohamora! Lumos!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like an exhausting evening! But I am sure the flowers look great.