Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Coming Home

It seems last night was a good night to come back to Maryland. My parents returned from a week and a half in the British Virgin Islands on a privately chartered catamaran like the one pictured to the right. They were with 2 other couples - their best friends - and they just sailed around the BVI having a grand time. But their time in paradise is over and they're now home and back to work today. They're coming over for din din tonight.

And then my SIL, Kelly and her husband returned from 4 years in San Diego to begin their lives here. I hear that they're already at my house with my ILs and the kiddos, so it will be a lively place when we get home tonight. I hear that Pizza John's pizza is on the menu! YUM!


Katie said...

I really want to try Pizza Johns

Erika said...

I like their pizza - I'm not over the moon about it like some people who will drive an hour for it though, but their subs and pastas are sooooooo good. Their gnocchi is the best!!!