Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Co-Ed Naked Swimming

On Sunday, Caroline and Bryce had been out on the deck in the kiddie pool when she had to come in to use the bathroom. I helped her take the damp suit off so she could use the potty a bit easier. But when she came back out of the house, she said she didn't want to put her suit back on and given that our house backs up to the woods and it's kind of private back there (and who cares about a naked 3 year old) I let her stay naked. She even ate her ice cream naked.

So last night before dinner, Jason let them both out in the kiddie pool again. And because they were both wet, we ate at the table on the deck. Mid-meal Caroline peels off her suit and sits there and eats the rest of her food naked. And after dinner, the naked frolicking began. At this point, it becomes apparent that Bryce's bathing suit was not staying up. (I hadn't bothered putting a swim diaper on him.) He has such small hips, even 12 month swimtrunks are too big on him. I figured, what's the point if they keep falling down, so I took them off.

Let the naked fun begin! This must have made them both feel more energized because they began splashing and running around the deck. I was squirting them with the hose and they kept coming back for more and more. Caroline was doing tumbles in the pool while Bryce kept climbing all over the lounge chair. It was naked mayhem. But happy, naked mayhem. They ran around holding hands and giggling; almost as if they were telling one another jokes. I hope they'll always be this close - but I'm guessing the naked thing won't be something that they'll want to be reminded of in about 10 years.

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