Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bye bye "Ka-Ka," Hello "Ca-line"

I'm kind of sad to report that over the past weekend Bryce has stopped referring to Caroline as "Ka-Ka." He has now adopted his own version of his sister's name and now calls her "Ca-line." It's still pretty cute when he says it, especially when he calls for her loudly, but I'll miss the "Ka-ka." We're not sure why he even called her that to begin with, but it was his thing. I'll probably still call her that sometimes. It's just another stop along the way toward big kid-dom. In fact, the other day I noticed he's started to get some fine blond hair on his legs and arms - no more bald baby skin. I suppose the chubby legs and arms will be going before I know it too. I look at Caroline's legs and arms now and how they're getting so much thinner and longer and it makes me sad. Not sad that she's healthy and growing normally, but sad that the baby is getting further and further away.

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Katie said...

Ka-Ka always made me think of that Brazilian soccer superstar by the same name.