Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another reason to watch out for McDonald's fries....

Did anyone read this story?

McDonalds Fries Contain Milk and Wheat

I know it's a few months old (February) but I only recently heard about it. And now the McDonald's website confirms it as well. I'm glad Bryce doesn't have milk or wheat allergies, but I feel bad for anyone that does and didn't know and got sick. How do they fail to include those things as allergens? I just don't get it. Now THAT'S a reason to sue McDonalds - not because it makes you fat, but because they aren't disclosing what's really in the food. Not that I eat there very often, but it makes me leary of any of their other supposed egg free/peanut free items.

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Katie said...

I investigated the fries at McD's a few months back when this story first broke. I can't confirm, but I think it is a milk derivative that is used and it is a trivial amount. I let Emily eat the fries there and she doesn't have a problem.

If you subscribe to FAAN, they send out letters and email alerts regarding undisclosed ingredients in food products which is helpful.

P.S. Emily is outgrowing her peanut allergy!!! The doctor said she had a 20-30% chance of outgrowing it and it looks like she is beating the odds! She passed a skin test and we will give her a food challenge in the coming months. Caroline will be invited to a peanut butter sandwich party if Emily passes. Now if we can only get rid of those pesky milk/egg allergies.