Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Woke up, got out of bed....

and now I want to get back in. OMG, I am so tired. I'm sure it's a combination of barely having a chance to sit down last night after I got home from work with the fact that I did an hour long workout involving weights and cardio at 8pm, as well. I was fine when I first got up and got my kids ready for the day, but after a commute to work, it's like I'm ready to go back to sleep. Why don't we have designated siesta time at work? Although I guess I'm glad I have to get out of the house for something every morning at a designated time or I'd really be miserable and would try to lay in bed while the kids were running amuck. A stay at home mom, I'm not.

In other news, it's apparent that little Bryce is becoming my healthy eater. The kid loves fruit and vegetables like there's no tomorrow. On Sunday at Sam's Club, we bought a big container of grape tomatoes and you would have thought that there was candy in the cart by the way he was trying to grab at them the entire trip. Then yesterday morning, I had some blueberries on my cereal and he was mooching those so much, I gave him his own bowl. He had a banana at lunch and then at dinner last night, he ate 3 helpings of carrots and 2 handfuls of the tomatoes. He's such a good little eater, I don't even know what to do with myself. Caroline survives on peanut butter and jelly and won't eat much of anything else except plain noodles for dinner - so this is a welcomed treat. Of course, this reminds me of being a kid and my tastes were much like Caroline's. (Can you say "karma?") My sister was the good eater and I was always so tired of hearing everyone comment on what a great eater my sister was. "Oh look at Chrissa eating all her vegetables!" "She's such a good eater!" (BTW, Chrissa probably consumes about 75% of her diet in fresh veggies now, so nothing has changed!) No one understood my strong disgust for most vegetables and meats - although I always did like fruit and I can't say the same for Caroline. But now I love most vegetables, so I know there is hope for my little picky eater. So I'll try to keep my pride in Bryce's good food choices to a minimum since I know how much it sucks to be deemed the "picky eater."

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Heather said...

Erika, I am all for the siesta time. It just makes sense.

Were you wound up after your workout or were you able to fall asleep at a normal time?