Sunday, May 13, 2007

To all the mothers....

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I hope you all have wonderful days and that the children and partners in your lives give you extra love and attention on this special day!!

My Mother's Day started with Jay letting me sleep in a little bit and then when I started down the steps, both kids were in the process of climbing the steps. As soon as Caroline saw me, she got so excited and started jumping around telling me there was a "purple present" for me downstairs. She raced down and I barely made it into the kitchen and she was shoving a gift at me. She had helped Daddy make a card on the computer and all the wording in it was by her. It said:

"I love you Mommy.
Happy Mother's Day.
You are so special to us.
Our Mommy is so sweet."

Jason said that this was verbatim what she told him to type. Doesn't that give you warm fuzzies??? Anyway, I opened the gift and it was a pair of teardrop opal earrings that Caroline had also helped with. She and Jason were online and he showed her jewelry and this is exactly what she picked - she even chose the teardrop shape over the round.

So Jason is out mowing the lawn and we're starting to figure out how the day will go.

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