Friday, May 25, 2007

Some Enchanted Evening....

at the mall - at least for a 3 and 21 month old. Jason accompanied my dad to the O's game so my mom and I decided to take the kiddies out for a night on the town. We'd originally planned to visit Cheeburger, Cheeburger for din din but upon visiting the website, I found out that they fry all their fried foods in peanut oil. Now I know that most people with peanut allergies are okay with peanut oil as long as it's not the cold pressed type, but honestly, I'm not ready to do the lab test on Bryce in a restaurant. Jabbing an Epi Pen Jr. in his leg and then rushing to the emergency room does not sound like the way I want to round out a Friday evening. So we decided on TGIFridays since they have a good selection, it's noisy, and a great place for little kids to blend in. The kids had a great time and ate really well.

After my mom picked up the tab (Thanks Mom!) we headed over to the mall for the big surprise of the evening. The kids were going to ride the carousel! You know, I've been going to that mall my whole life and I never rode that carousel before. It's been replaced since I was a kid and it was a pretty nice carousel for one in the middle of a food court. In true fashion, Caroline was very apprehensive when we told her and Bryce was raring to go and fighting to get out of his stroller. But we got our tokens and boarded the ride, picking horses right next to one another. Even though they were both strapped on, Caroline held on for what seemed to be dear life, while Bryce kept snapping the reins. Caroline did relax a little as the ride went on, but never seemed to completely relax - she was too busy taking everything in.

After the ride, we headed down to K-B toys b/c Bertie wanted to look for a few things. Caroline was thrilled as we walked into the "toy factory," as she called it, and started pointing out things left and right that she wanted. This is a perfect formula for a 3 year old meltdown (a long day w/o much of a nap coupled with toys you can't have) but I'm happy to say, that never happened. She was quickly distracted by the little moon bounce in the middle of the store and for the first time in her life, asked to get in. (She's always been scared to death of the ones at fairs and other events we've gone too.) Maybe because this one was smaller or maybe something was just different but you couldn't get her into it fast enough and before I knew it, Bryce was in too. They were having a blast, jumping, hugging and falling down. I loved hearing their giggles. And just like that, we were ready to go and they were happy to get out because they knew Bertie was buying them a few Cars. (Cars with a capital "C" - you know, Pixar's Cars!)

So we left with the main characters from Cars in hand and we went to get some ice cream. After my mom and I scarfed ours down when it became apparent that both kids were nearing their expiration date, we headed home. Bath time was fairly uneventful, although Bryce had hit his "do not use after" time and was promptly put to bed after all his grooming and meds were taken care of. I'm sure they're both upstairs with visions of Cars dancing in their heads and all the fun they'll have with them tomorrow. Let's just hope they can share.....

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Anonymous said...

I made the "mistake" of taking Kenz on the Caro. a few months ago so now everytime we are in the mall she yells happily "Horsey!" She also loves the rides on the 1st floor (by Penny's I think) and trys to jump out of her stroller to get a ride! LOL!

~ V