Monday, May 28, 2007

One for the record books...

I must say, this was one of the nicest Memorial Day weekends I can remember. Not only was it sunny, but it was HOT. Like, beautiful June hot. Nice. And not only that, we got 3 days in a row of swimming for the kids. I think the last time I spent 3 days in a row swimming on Memorial Day weekend was when I was a lifeguard.

On Saturday, we set up the kids' kiddie pool on the deck and they frolicked and played from 10am until 4pm. (And no sunburns!) It was hot as heck on Saturday - I got in the pool with them for a bit, but mostly sat in the shade, sipped iced tea, and refereed the playtime. (You can see some pics in my sidebar.) Jason did the hard part of getting the steps on the deck started.

Yesterday, we spent the morning cleaning and then we headed down to some good friends' house in Columbia for swimming in their new, in ground pool. Caroline was thrilled to use some of her new swimming skills and to use water wings for the first time too. We were amazed at how fearless Bryce is around water and had to watch him like a hawk as he was ready to just jump in the pool without warning.

Then today, we went to Jay's aunt's house where she has a very nice in-ground pool. Both kids were in swimming mode by now and nibbled on some lunch so that they could get in. The pool really is geared toward kids and they loved playing on the steps. Caroline kept telling everyone she can "swim without grownups" now that she has her water wings and would float around kicking her little legs like she was riding a bike. We had to keep reminding her to keep her mouth closed which is hard to do when you are smiling so much. Every now and then she'd gag a little, but for the most part, she did fine. Bryce, however, was a wild man. He was so bold and kept going down the steps and if you weren't watching him every second, he was under water. But he wasn't bothered by going under either. So I definitely have two little fish on my hands. The most exciting part of the day was that Caroline was going off of the diving board by herself. I was there to catch her and she was wearing her water wings, but I was so proud of her bravery. And guess who else went off the board? Bryce! My MIL would kind of hang him off to me, but he still was NOT going to let his big sister do something that he couldn't do.

Jay took a bunch of pics and even a video of Caroline that I'll have to post later. So I'm sure they're sleeping well (or at least I hope they are) and I can't wait to see them when I get home from work tomorrow.

BTW, my internet is down again so I'm on my work laptop stealing someone's wireless broadband to do some blogging. Block your wireless people or someone will steal your bandwidth....someone like ME!


bracken said...

Sounds like a weekend of fun! We spent a good amount of ours swimming as well.

Kelly said...

You're new nickname:
Broadband Buster
hee hee

I spoke with Miss Caroline yesterday while she was at Nana's and she told me how she jumped into the pool!! How exciting :)