Thursday, May 17, 2007

Marriage Survey

Viv posted this survey on Myspace and I thought it was kind of cool!

1. When did you get married? July 15, 2000

2. Who did you marry? Jason H.

3. Where did you get married? Rockfield Manor in Bel Air

4. Was it a big thing or small and sweet? Kind of big - 150 maybe?

5. Was it the best day of your life? It was a lot of fun, but nothing compared to having the kids.

6. Who gave you away? My parents

7. Did you cry? I got teary when my sister started crying during one of the songs.

8. What did you wear? An ivory gown

9. Was it all you had ever dreamed of? I think so. I'd probably do a lot of things differently though if I had to do it again. Weddings aren't all they're hyped up to me, if you ask me.

10. Did you change your last name? Sort of. I hyphenated.

11. Where did you spend your wedding night? At our apartment

12. Was it romantic? Nope, we passed out - had to be up before 4am to catch a plane.

13. Once the honeymoon was over, who did the laundry? Before kids, we shared it, but recently it's been mostly him who does our laundry and we share the kids'.

14. Who does the dishes? Who ever didn't do the cooking

15. Do you have kids? 2

16. If so, did you plan them? Yes for Caroline, No for Bryce - he was our 2004 Christmas Eve surprise. :)

17. Where do you spend your nights now? At home

18. Do you ever sleep in and cuddle up? Never.

19. Are you still in love with your husband? Of course

20. Have you ever broken any wedding vows? I don't even remember what they were, but I'm sure I haven't. We didn't use traditional ones.

21. Would you ever have an affair? No way, I've got it too good.

22. Did you think the honeymoon was going to last forever? No, we'd known each other since we were 10 and dated off and on, there never really was a honeymoon period.

23. Do you still think he's perfect? Perfect for me.

24. Is life good? It is good, just exhausting.

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Anonymous said...

Your answer to # 9 is really what I was thinking too............ since we were the 1st of all our friends to get married I've seen things that I would do differntly now if I had to do it all over again but I guess that's bound to happen 7 years later!

~ Viv

P.S. Hope you have a better day - the weather is great so you should make sure to spend as much of the evening as you can outside with the kids - they are bound to brighten your spirits :)