Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Man to Man

I think Jason and Bryce had their first "man to man" conversation tonight. The kids had just gotten home when I arrived home this evening and they were both happy to see me. Bryce immediately latched on and started his usual fit when I try to put him down to use the bathroom. Then dinner was ready and I tried to put him in his chair. And the fit began. He's pulled this exact routine several times and I know tonight's was probably largely motivated by the fact that he missed me, but he cannot act like this. He knows what he's doing. He'll attempt to throw his cup and plate full of food on the floor and then scream and hit. So we decided we were going to make him sit in time out on the steps (in the front foyer, away from the kitchen) until he calmed down. Jason kept making sure he would stay there and when he would stop crying, he would talk to him and tell him he had to go and eat his dinner. Of course, then we'd put him back in the chair and he'd start screaming for me again. So back to the steps for him. This happened about 5 more times. It was at this point that I heard Jason having a conversation with Bryce by the steps telling him he had to calm down and go back in the kitchen and get in his chair and eat. He told Bryce that mommy would be right there, but that he had to sit in his chair and eat. At this point, Bryce comes walking back in the kitchen, takes one look at me, starts to cry and heads back to the steps. It was like he just knew he couldn't take it. Finally after a few more times of this, Bryce came back in calmly, I picked him up but didn't cuddle him and then put him in his chair. He happily ate the Polenta Lasagna and had a nice dinner conversation with me involving his love for "to tos" and "lenta" and "chokes." (Tomatoes, polenta and artichokes) I couldn't believe how hungry he was - but I guess a good tantrum will do wonders for your appetite.

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Kelly said...

I can imagine how trying the scenario was as you were actually living it but it sure makes for one cute story.