Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just because they're cute....

This is her new "I'm ready for my photo" pose:

I love this hat and outfit!

As you can imagine, they were fighting about 3 seconds after this picture was taken about who could be in the toy box.


Katie said...

I like those pics! Very cute.

Anonymous said...

Is that the swingset in your parents backyard? Kenzie now checks it out when we take walks around there since you can see a little bit of it from the street.

Love the pics! The toybox one is really cute and I totally can see the fighting now since it looks like a tight fit with the 2 of them in there!

~ Viv

Kelly said...

I love Miss Caroline's new photo ready pose and Mr Bryce's adorable hat!
The toybox one reminds me of me and Jer. When Dad made us that big one we had down the basement, him and I would often climb into it. It was fun until you sat funny on a toy car! Ouch.