Friday, May 18, 2007

I Miss Daddy!

Jason left on Sunday afternoon (Happy Mother's Day to me, huh?) for a week long conference in Orlando for work. Needless to say, it's been a lot of work managing the kids by myself and handling the regular day to day household chores. I've done pretty well, if you ask me, but I have had some help from my mom, sister and ILs. So while I'm totally exhausted right now, I know it would be much worse if it wasn't for their help. Although I mostly had to do bathtime/bedtime by myself, and that is probably the most exhausting part of the day when you're tired yourself after being up since before 6am and the kids are giving you the run around. By 8:30 every night, I fell on the couch like a limp rag. I don't know how single parents or parents who have NO support from their partners do it. Whew!

On Monday night, my mom graciously picked the kids up from daycare and I met them at her house. She had made an early dinner so that we could make it to Caroline's swimming lesson on time and so that Bryce wouldn't have to tag along. Just after we finished eating, Caroline went over to the little desk that has a chalkboard on the top and drew a picture of a person's face. She finishes it and says, "This is a picture of my daddy, I miss him." And then she put her head down on it and kind of started to cry.

Of course, that just about made me cry too. Then Mr. Bryce goes running over and tries to erase it and she yells, "No Bryce, this is a picture of my daddy and I miss him!"

It was a pretty cute picture too, I wish it hadn't been in chalk b/c I would have saved it. She had Jason's bald head along with cute little cheeks and a "boo boo" on his head. (I think he had one a few weeks ago and she remembered it well.)

So I'm sure that both kids will be thrilled when Jason walks through the door tonight. Mommy will be happy too as it means a little break. After a week of no cooking, cleaning, or kid duties, he should be quite refreshed, right?

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