Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Heart Online Banking

You know, it's times like these that you really apprciate the technology we have. I saw my general doctor a month ago and recently got a bill for the $15 copay which I KNOW I paid b/c I always pay it. I called the person who manages their finances and according to them, they have no record of it. None. Zilch. WTH?

So I go online and look at my account and there, lo and behold, is my check scanned and perfect. I print it out and fax it over as proof I paid. Can it get any easier? Even a few years ago, this might not have been so simple, but the fact that my bank scans all checks and makes them available is so great.

I knew I was right. Don't test me!!

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love online banking. I use Bank of America and now your receipt from the ATM has a scanned image of any checks you deposited as well. Pretty cool.