Friday, May 18, 2007

The Helicopter Shuffle

Without fail, if a helicopter is heard approaching the airspace over my house, my kids run to a window to see it. Sometimes, before it even gets close enough to be able to tell if it's a helicopter or a plane, my kids KNOW it's a helicopter.

They RUN to the window, pull up the shade (very haphazardly!) and start yelling about it. I have no idea why. Caroline has been doing it for a while, but now Bryce is in on it too. We can be in the middle of doing something and they JET for the window. Bryce even knows they're called "coppers."

Of course, then after one flies by, Caroline has to ask me a million questions:

"Where is it going, Mommy?"

"Why is it going to the airport?"

"Who is in it?"

"Why is it flying over our house?"

I never realized how many helicopters flew near my house until recently. You'd think we lived near a hospital, airport or something - which we don't.

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