Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Exact Same Age

I did some math and figured out that on this exact day, Bryce is exactly the same age that Caroline was when he was born. 20 months, 3 weeks and 4 days. How is that possible? How is this little guy the same age? He still seems like such a baby to me and at the time Caroline seemed older. Although I remember feeling like she was a baby the night before he was born and I was dropping her off at my mom's and then when she came to visit me right after Bryce was born, I felt like she'd grown up overnight. I also know that by this point, she was talking much more coherently than Bryce is, but that's just the difference in girl vs. boy and in 1st child vs. 2nd child. It's also amazing to me to think I could have another child by now. My mom did by this point. Whew! I don't regret having these two so close together but I'm glad my 3rd child isn't even on the horizon yet.

Looking back, I realize what an independent little kid Caroline was from the start. She adapted pretty well to a new baby and didn't seem to mind sharing Mommy at all. Whereas Bryce has had problems sharing Mommy from the start and I have a fear of how he'd handle a younger sibling. Just this morning after I got them dressed, Caroline ran over to me and hugged my leg. Bryce was already standing there and took it upon himself to try and push her off of me, as though he was defending his turf. Add this to how he can't stand to be put down in the mornings, particularly when it comes time to for me to help Caroline get ready. He is very territorial with me and doesn't understand that Caroline was here first. He even sometimes gets mad and doesn't want to share me with Jason either. If Jason and I are hugging, he'll often come over and try to get in on it. I think if I was about to have baby #3 right now, Bryce would be devastated. So I'm glad he still has a lot of time to mature some more and be at an age where maybe we can reason with him when baby #3 is on his/her way.

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Kelly said...

Wow. that is cray to think that he is the same age as C was when he was born. Even though I wasn't around her much during her first 2 years, I was there when B was born and she already seemed like a little girl.