Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cucks & Wally Cars

What are "cucks" and "wally cars?" They are some of Bryce's favorite toys right now. AKA trucks and cars - I have NO idea why he calls them "wally cars" though. It's just amazing how much he's into them. It just goes to show you on some level that gender is nature, just as much as it is nurture. We had a few trucks and cars for Caroline, but she never had a lot of interest in them. But Bryce has always been trying to roll anything with what looks like wheels so we obviously bought him some more cars. He now will sit and play by himself - I can't believe it. He puts all his little Matchbox cars into the FP Little People bus and drive it around. He has a grand time of putting them in through the door and the back exit. He makes them crash into one another. He makes driving sounds. He just loves it. And last night, Jason brought home two UPS trucks that he'd had on his desk and Bryce was just in heaven. He was playing with them as soon as he woke up this morning and making them crash. He's so proud of himself wheeling them around too. That look he has on his face when he shows you what he's doing is just priceless. I never thought I'd enjoy having a little boy sooooooooooo much. (Not that I didn't think I would like having a boy, I just never knew it would be this great!)

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Christine said...

Erika- I could have written this post myself!! Of course, we only get a cute baby "car" but he does LOVE them! ITA that boys are so fun!!!